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Mattress City has been locally owned and operated for 30 years. We have always had the lowest price and the most free extras! With over 60 mattress sets on display, we have something for every comfort, quality, and budget need. Please visit one of our showrooms and let our experienced sales staff help you sleep better and save money!

We are commited to serving our community. With long standing relationships with charitable organizations like Sleepyhead Beds, Catholic Charities and the Church of the Resurrection thousands of people in need have a mattress to sleep on. We also make every effort to minimize our impact on the enviroment. When an old mattress set is removed it is recycled, not tossed in the landfill! We appreciate your interest and hope to be able to help you with your bedding needs.

When you come to Mattress City, you will be able to lay back and test a wide range of different mattress sets. Our mattress gallery is conveniently arranged to help you make comparisons in quality and comfort. The mattresses are arranged by manufacture and then are ranked in quality. You will be able to try the top manufactures mattress sets side by side and choose what is right for you.

The comfort layer is the part of the mattress in which you have the choice of how cushioned or how hard you want the sleep surface. The three main comfort tops are: the pillow top, the plush top, and the firm top.

Pillow Top: Many people shopping at Mattress City, are looking for firm support for the back with a cushioned feel. The most padded of this type of mattress is know as a pillow top. Mattress City currently has more than 20 different pillow top models to choose from. .

Plush Top: The medium feel in a mattress can usually be found in a plush mattress. This product will provide the same support, but will have less padding than a pillow top. Mattress City currently has more than 15 different plush models to choose from.

Firm Top:A harder feel in a mattress is usually found in what is called a firm mattress. This type of mattress will offer the same support, but will have less padding than a plush mattress. Mattress City currently has more than 15 different plush models to choose from. To learn more about firm mattresses,

Mattress sets will generally be in one of three quality categories, standard, premium, or luxury.

Standard: This level of mattress sets is where you will find good quality mattress sets at better price points. Many of the best values in this level of bedding can be found from some of the smaller manufactures that Mattress City has sold for years.

Premium: This is the quality level where you find stronger spring units, better box springs and nicer padded tops. Premium mattress sets will offer more support and be a more durable product.

Luxury: These mattresses build on the support and durability of the premium mattress by using specialty padding like memory foam and latex. These high grade materials add comfort and help reduce pressure points.

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