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Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. On average, people spend a third of their life asleep. The quality and quantity of your sleep can effect your health and outlook on life. According to sleep experts, most people need eight hours of sleep and that up to 80 % of the population suffers from sleep deprivation. If you are getting less than the right amount of sleep for your mind and body to perform well during the day, you are sleep deprived.

It is not always possible to increase the number of hours available for sleep, but it is possible to increase the quality of your sleep. A good place to start is the position in which you sleep. A person should sleep in a position that they find comfortable and relaxing, but also sleep in a position that will not contribute to pain, or aggravate spinal problems. The three main sleep positions are back, side, and stomach.

Sleeping on your back can be one of the least stressful positions and is usually recommended for proper spinal alignment. If you sleep on your back, avoid thick pillows under your head that can force the head forward and put constant stress on the upper back and neck. Over time, this persistent forward pressure may affect the normal curvature of the upper back and neck, leading to possible additional spinal ailments.

Sleeping on the side with knees bent is probably the most common sleeping position. It is essential to use enough pillows to prop your head so that it is level with the rest of the spinal column. Sleeping on your side may also help reduce the possibility of snoring. Side sleeping is usually suggested for those with low back conditions and expectant mothers because it enhances relaxation, especially to the lower back. Pregnant women may also find it helpful to place another pillow between the knees in this position.

Normally, it is recommended that you avoid sleeping on your stomach. When sleeping on your stomach your face is turned to either the extreme right or the left in order to breathe. This may cause undue stress in the joints of the cervical spine, as well as stretching and/or shortening of muscles and ligaments on one side of the spine or the other. Symptoms of stomach sleeping may include neck and shoulder stiffness, wry neck, and morning headaches. Generally a stiffer mattress will allow for better spinal alignment for the stomach sleeper.


Your mattress is important for a proper nights sleep. It is responsible for supporting your body for an average of eight hours a day. A mattress that is worn out or to soft may lack critical support. This can contribute to a restless nights sleep and backaches during sleep or upon rising.

You can test your mattress in two ways. First visually inspect the mattress and box spring. If the mattress is lumpy or visibly sagging, there is a problem. The box springs need to be firm and level, if they are worn or uneven, there is a problem. The second test of your mattress is to lie down. A mattress should offer firm contouring support, if you sink into the mattress or roll to the middle, there is a problem. A mattress and boxspring set should be quiet and stable, if your bed squeaks or sways, there is a problem.


In choosing a mattress and box spring set there are three factors that should be considred:

  1. Support- A good mattress should support the spine and help maintain the same shape as a person with good upright posture. The amount of support a mattress offers is based on the coil springs. Generally, a mattress with more springs offers firmer support and greater durability.

  2. Comfort- This is the reason there are so many mattress sets to choose from. Some people like a mattress with a cushioned feel and others prefer a harder feeling mattress. Only you can decide which mattress set is comfortable to you.

  3. Size- Make sure your mattress set is big enough for you to turn comfortably. The average person moves 40 to 60 times during the night and turns over completely numerous times. The Queen and King size mattress sets will offer the most length and width.


Q. What are the store hours?
A. Monday - Friday 10 - 8:30, Saturday 10 - 6, Sunday 12 - 5

Q. What are the different sizes available?
A. Twin 39"x75", Twin XL 39"x80", Full 54"x75", Queen 60"x80", King 76"x80", Cal King 72"x84"

Q. Can a mattress be bought seperately?
A. Yes, mattress and box springs can be sold seperately.

Q. Do you deliver?
A. Yes, local delivery and removal of the old bedding can be arranged..

Q. What forms of payment are taken?
A. Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

Q. Do you offer any type of financing?
A. Yes, six to sixty month programs are available with minnimum purchase and approved credit.