Labor Day 2022 SPECIALS Going on Now. Lowest Price GUARANTEED!

Labor Day 2022 SPECIALS Going on Now. Lowest Price GUARANTEED!

Choosing A Mattress

How to choose a mattress

In choosing a mattress and box spring set, three factors should be considered:

  1. Support– A good mattress should support the spine and help maintain the same shape as a person with good upright posture. The amount of support a bed offers is based on the coil springs. Generally, a mattress with more springs offers firmer support and greater durability.
  2. Comfort – This is the reason there are so many mattress sets to choose from. Some people like a mattress with a cushioned feel, and others prefer a harder feeling mattress. Only you can decide which mattress set is comfortable for you.
  3. Size – Make sure your mattress set is big enough for you to turn comfortably. The average person moves 40 to 60 times during the night and turns over completely numerous times. The Queen and King Size mattress sets will offer the most length and width.


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