Labor Day 2022 SPECIALS Going on Now. Lowest Price GUARANTEED!

Labor Day 2022 SPECIALS Going on Now. Lowest Price GUARANTEED!

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Please read the following before filling out any forms or calling the manufacture.

 What is covered?

Your warranty covers manufacturing defects on your mattress or foundation. Replacement of one piece does not automatically constitute replacement of the other part. The manufacturer’s limited warranty is provided to the original purchaser. A copy of the original bill of sale and required photographs is needed to process a warranty claim.

 What will the manufacture do?

If your mattress or foundation fails due to a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer will authorize a repair or replacement for the defective product. Expect bedding to be of equal or better quality if identical materials are not available. There is no guarantee that the product you receive will have the same cover or construction as your current mattress or foundation.

 Transportation / Delivery charges are the responsibility of the consumer.

 What is excluded under your warranty?

1. Normal body impressions: Slight body impressions are to be expected with today’s bedding. Most models have various layers of foam and are expected to compact. Currently, we use the following as a guideline.

– Up to and including 1 ½” of compaction is normal.

– No compaction should occur in the box spring.

2. Firmness / Comfort of the product.

 What voids the warranty?

The warranty is voided if the mattress or foundation is subjected to obvious abuse or improper care. Conditions that void your warranty include, but are not limited to:

No law tag.

Stains or Soils


Inadequate support from weak or improper foundation

Improper frame (full extra long, queen, king-size must have sufficient center support

Bent border wires


1. Body Impression: If the impressions are 1 ½ “ or lower, these can be smoothed out or reduced by turning the mattress end to end for the first 3 months, once every 2 months thereafter.

2. Squeaks or Noises: Squeaks and other noises usually originate from either the frame, headboard, or footboard. Remove the mattress and foundation from the frame. Check the frame by pushing down in several locations to locate the noise. If the noise can’t be located, replace the foundation on the frame and repeat the test.

 For warranty claims on Simmons, Sealy, Bed Smart, and Gel Comfort products, click the link to download form:

Customer Service Request Form

 For warranty claims on Tempur-Pedic, please call 1- (800) 753 – 1130. For warranty claims on Restonic, please call 1- (800) 223 – 3985For warranty claims on King Koil, please call 1 – (800) 525 – 8331